For sale, vintage fishing reels by Bernard, Bernie Ladd.

SEAMARTIN Wood Surf Fishing Reel, Rare First production modle made by Cliff Martin, Lakes Entance, Victoria Australia.

Extremely Rare

SEAMARTIN wood reel. First Production Seamartin reels, featured brass nickel plated cylindrical oscillator guides!






SEAMARTIN Monarch, first version modle_

SEAMARTIN Monarch, first production model version Rare.

 Old vintage fishing reel information.

By Bernard (Bernie) Ladd.

LEES 5'' brass sidecast reel maker

Billy Lee, QLD - c.1900. Extremely rare.

Albert Hall 6'' Game reel. Largest threadline reel in the World. Ex rare.

Alvey Metal Game Fishing Reel.Extremely rare.

ALVEY 7 inch Game reel.

Extremely Rare

WOODSIDE Surf casting reel.

Extremely Rare.

CROUCH Fishing Reel information.

Jack Crouch jr, confirms at an ARCA    meeting in 2013, that page 4 Dunolly and page 6 Melbourne Crouch information segments are correct.

Extremely Rare

ALVEY Wedge-lock wood and metal vintage side cast fishing reel

ALVEY Wedge-lock wood and metal, rim lever reel. Extremely rare.


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