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For sale, vintage fishing reels by Bernard, Bernie Ladd.

SEAMARTIN Wood Surf Fishing Reel, Rare First production modle made by Cliff Martin, Lakes Entance, Victoria Australia.

Seamartin Wood and Metal Reel.

First Production Seamartin fishing reels, featured the rare brass nickel plated cylindrical oscillator guides!

R E E L P E D I A®™





SEAMARTIN Monarch, first version modle_

Seamartin Monarch. Rare first production model.

Welcome to the captivating world of Old Antique Vintage Fishing Reels and Angling Memorabilia.

Immerse yourself in a comprehensive factual information reference guide that is as unique as it is indelibly linked to the spirit of passionate collectors. Allow me to introduce myself:
I am Bernard (Bernie) Ladd, a dedicated enthusiast hailing from the vibrant city of Melbourne, Australia. With a profound appreciation for the artistry and history of fishing, I have curated a remarkable collection that spans generations. Now, I am thrilled to share my wealth of knowledge and insights with fellow aficionados like yourself.
Within these virtual pages, you will discover a treasure trove of captivating stories, meticulous research, and exquisite visuals, all meticulously gathered and presented for your enjoyment. Whether you are an experienced collector seeking to expand your repertoire or a curious newcomer eager to delve into the rich heritage of angling, you have arrived at the right place.

Through this website, I aim to provide a definitive resource for all things related to old, antique, and vintage fishing reels produced in Australia. From the time-honored craftsmanship of classic reels to the fascinating stories behind cherished angling memorabilia, each section offers a glimpse into a bygone era of  fishing history. Join me on this captivating journey as we unearth forgotten gems and celebrate the timeless allure of angling heritage.
I invite you to immerse yourself in the world of Old Antique Vintage Fishing Reels and Angling Memorabilia, as presented by yours truly, Bernard (Bernie) Ladd. Together, let's explore the depths of our shared passion and revel in the beauty and nostalgia of these remarkable artifacts.  Welcome aboard!  Bernard (Bernie) Ladd Melbourne, Australia.

LEES 5'' brass side cast reel,

maker Billy Lee, QLD

- c.1920. Extremely rare.

Albert Hall 6'' Game reel. Largest threadline reel in the World. Ex rare.

CROUCH Fishing Reel information.

  Jack Crouch jr, confirms at an ARCA meeting in 2013, that Crouch Dunolly and  Melbourne Crouch segments published on this website are correct !

Alvey Metal Game Fishing Reel.Extremely rare.

ALVEY 7 inch Game reel.

Extremely Rare

WOODSIDE Surf casting reel.

Very Rare.

ALVEY Wedge-lock wood and metal vintage side cast fishing reel

ALVEY Wedge-lock wood and

metal rim lever reel. Rare.

Newly Listed Vintage Fishing Reels. Click or Tap image for further information.

1-SURFMASTER vintage fishing reel. 1
1-FishKil  all metal vintage fishing reel. Extremely rare.

FishKil Metal Reel

S 10 Extremely rare!

1-Crouch vintage fishing reel early pamphlet, user guide
1-Crouch experimental vintage fishing reel
Crouch Polymer vintage fly fishing and general purpose vintage fishing reel
2- Brass and aluminium sidecast vintage fishing reel
2-Steelite vintage proto type nottingham fishing reel
1-Steelite JUNIOR brass and bakelite vintage fishing reel specifications
1-Norman General purpose vintage nottingham fishing reel specifications
1-Steelite early model A vintage fishing reel
1-ALPHA  vintage sidecast fishing reel early version
1-ALPHA star drag vintage sidecast fishing reel specfications
1-STEELITE vintage sidecast fishing reel, hook-lever pivot model specifications
1-ALPHA ant-line twist vintage sidecast fishing reel
1-Ocean King collectable fishing reel
1-Alvey Two Speed sidecast fishing reel
5- CROUCH Dual Brake vintage fishing ree
1-CARDIFF Railway vintage sidecast reel


Sidecast Ex Rare

1-MEC vintage fishing reel specifications
1-Quick Spool blue anodised vintage fishing reel
1-Steelite aluminium vintage centrepin fishing reel
1-Cast - Away Minor vintage game fishing reel

Cast-Way Minor

 & Box.Ex Rare.

1-Butler vintage fishing reel


Sidecast. rare.

1-Steelite metal face plate drag mechanism vintage fishing reel
1-Steelite Pattern E vintage fishing reel. Rare model.

Steelite Model E

Centrepin. Rare.

1-Steelite Vulcan Vintage Game Fishing Reel. Rare
1-Ebro Blackfish vintage aluminium & brass fishing reel
1-HALCO Threadline Spinning vintage fishing reel, made in Australia
1-RARE EBRO 3 1/2 inch vintage sidecasting fishing reel

HALCO Spinning

reel Mint Ex rare.

1-MILES rare vintage fishing reel made in Australia
1-FORRESTA vintage overhead fishing reel made in Australia
1-Rare early CLASMI vintage fishing reel with box
3-CROUCH workshop made fishing reel
1-HOLLOW SPOOL revolving drum overhead vintage fishing reel made in Australia
1-LIFETIME vintage surf spinning reel
1-Kalua 900 vintage over head fishing reelwith box
1-SPORTSMASTER vintage fishing reel with Box by Graeme Bennett Engineering


with original box.

2-Game fishing reel maker John Bourke Australia
1- Smith & Jones vintage wood & metal ball bearing fishing reel
1-Vintage Steelite Fishkil  reel &Box.jpg
1- KINGSTON vintage Fly reel
4- Dawson JUNIOR vintage Fly reel
4 - Goulburn adjustable check vintage Fl
1- Crouch Workshop vintage Fly reel made
1- Shorweigh vintage fish weighing scales made in Australia


Fish  scales

Vintage brass spinning reel
4- Seamartin Latrobe Valley Workshop fis
1- Lees model Z B side cast reel specifi
3- Eastways Perfect Fly reel made in Aus
2- Aspden Multiplying Wood & metal side
1- Alpha early forked line guide vintage
1-Vintage Silver King Fly reel made in Australia by Jack Crouch
1- CROUCH dual brake vintage fishing ree
1-Nick kros wood & brass vintage side ca
1- ZEPHYR vintage Threadline spinning reel with Box in mint condition
1- Vintage 'Kalua' Brass Fishing pliers
1- Townson wood & brass vintage side cas
1-Surfmaster vintage fishing reel RARE a
2- PACIFIC side cast vintage fishing ree
1- Vintage Brass fishing reel
2-Graeme vintage Big Game reel. Depicted in Bob dunn Book
1- ATLAS vintage Fly fishing reel. Made
5- CELOX sidecast vintage fishing reel m
2- HAMILTON Blackfish collectable fishin
2- Tru Cast vintage spinning reel made i
1- CAPSTAN vintage Fly fishing reel made

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