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Australian Collectable Antique Vintage Fishing Reel Reference, Spinall spinning reel,

ReeLpedia ®  by Bernie Ladd, 2012.

Spinall Threadline Spinning Fishing Reel made by Manfred Schmul, Melbourne, Australia.

SPINALL standard (hammer-tone Burgundy) and Spinall standard box.

Spinall Stationary Drum Threadline Spinning Fishing Reel. The Spinall Thread-Line Fishing Reel was manufactured by a skillful engineer, Manfred (Fred) Schmul who managed his tool-making manufacturing plant James Small & Co. Pty. Ltd, established in 1945 in Graham Road Highett, Melbourne, Victoria. The Spinall reel is a close approximation of the 'Spinette' - a popular reel among northern European fishing enthusiasts in the 1940s and 1950s. Unlike the ‘Spinette’, which has been calibrated in Metric measurements, the ‘Spinall’ reel is based on Imperial specifications.

Two models were produced by Small & Co: the Standard model available in left or right-hand drive, either in a hammer-tone Burgundy or Silver paint finish; and the De Luxe model, also available in left or right-hand drive, in a flat black colour. Produced in 1957, the ‘Spinall’ reel has enjoyed only a small distribution within Australia. ( B. Ladd; 2012)

SPINALL De Luxe flat black finish. Spinall De-Luxe box

Courtesy Alf Mingins Vic.

Technical specifications of Spinall models. SPINALL Standard: Die-cast Aluminium alloy body, plastic spool, auto bail action, clutch drag control, anti-reverse switch, optional check, gear ratio 3 1/2:1. Spinall logo embossed on side plate. -c 1957. SPINALL De Luxe: Full bail pick up, gearing-reinforced nylon (Teflon) main gear and crankshaft. Teflon sliding spindle guide block. Anti-reverse. optional check sliding teflon button. Spinall De Luxe embossed on removable aluminium side plate cover, -c 1957.

Mint example SPINALL standard Left hand wind model -c.1957. Image of Embossed fish  ( Spinall logo)

Embossed Fish Spinall vintage spinning fishing reel

SPINALL schematic instruction guide.

SPINALL vintage Thread-line Spinnin reel picture of maker Manfred Schmul, Melbouren, Australia

Above, Manfred ( Fred) Schmul, Engineer, Melb, Vic. Courtesy Helen Schmul.

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