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Australian Collectable Antique Vintage Fishing Reels,Information, reference. ReeLpedia ®  by Bernie Ladd, 12/6/2015.

Collectors Rarest Fishing reels.

Evans & Balfour vintage fishing booklet
Anthony Hordern & Sons Ltd; Sydney, vintage fishing catalogue

ANSER Semi Backless Sidecast Metal and Wood Fishing Reel made in Australia - c. 1940.

Specifications: Australian red cedar drum (spool) diameter 5 & 1/2 inches, width 2 inches; rolled stainless steel semi-back plate diameter 4 & 1/4 inches; Alvey style optional check mechanism; Ferguson's configuration, side cast turntable; Alvey style tapered bakelite handle knobs and nickel plated brass collets; spring tension spool over-run knob adjustment; cast bronze or brass type turntable back support. Branded (stamped) ANSER on a semi-back plate. The notched spool and brass pin line fixture is possibly an after-market modification. At this time we are somewhat perplexed about who made the ANSER semi-backless side cast. It is more than probable the ANSER maker used some Alvey components, that were readily available as spare parts to produce the reel. We are seeking further accurate information, pertaining to the maker of this rare Australian, semi-backless side-cast fishing reel.

ANSER images & specifications courtesy

Greg Taylor.

Selection of  rare fishing reels

4 of Mick Bradfodr's, rarest reels. Left Seascape Minor, followed by Surfmaster Bait-caster; centre back, Lucky strike Taxi reel; and far right, an extremely rare Hollow spool reel.

1-Surfmaster vintage fishing reel RARE a

Very rare Surfmaster Metal Retail Advertising Sign Circa 1950s.

TOWNSON vintage brass & wood side cast f
TOWNSON vintage brass & wood side cast f
TOWNSON vintage brass & wood side cast f

TOWNSON (J R T )  wood and brass side cast reel. Appears to have never been fished. Proudly held by John Brown, NSW. Courtesy John Brown. Specifications: Teak wood back diameter 4 3/4''; Silky oak drum (spool) width 2 3/4''; semi-tapered brass handle knobs; optional check; plunger operated pivot; ball bearing spindle supported. Stamped J R T on brass cross back. Maker J.R. Townson, Merewether NSW. -c 1935. Rare.

Surfmaster sign

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PACIFIC Horse shoe brass back side cast reel. Rare.

PACIFIC Horse shoe brass back side cast reel Extremely rare

Quick spool vintage multiplying fishing reel

Quick spool multiplier Extremely rare.

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