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Collecting Fishing Reels and Associated Memborillia Storage Presentation Boxes.

Engaging in the collection of vintage storage presentation boxes adds a fascinating dimension to the pursuit of old fishing reels and associated memorabilia. This hobby delves deep into the rich history of these artifacts, preserving them as cherished relics for future generations. It not only provides enthusiasts with a tangible connection to the past but also unravels the intricate stories behind these beloved items.

One compelling aspect of collecting these original storage boxes is their ability to offer a wealth of information about the manufacturer, their location, technical specifications, and other pertinent details related to the items they once housed. These boxes serve as more than mere containers; they are gateways to understanding the context and provenance of the collectibles they accompany.


Avid collectors place considerable value on acquiring memorabilia, especially when it includes its original storage box. Interestingly, in some cases, the box itself, in its pristine condition, can hold as much value as the item it contains. Given that these boxes were often discarded by their original owners, finding them in such impeccable order presents a significant challenge. Consequently, they become highly sought-after treasures among enthusiasts seeking to augment their collections with these rare and elusive pieces.

Thus, the pursuit of collecting vintage storage presentation boxes not only enriches the appreciation for old fishing reels and associated memorabilia but also adds layers of historical significance and intrigue to the hobby. Through the careful preservation of these boxes, collectors contribute to the ongoing narrative of these artifacts, ensuring that their stories endure for years to come.

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 MINT CONDITION     = Never used and in the same ORIGINAL condition it left the factory.

 NEAR MINT CONDITION = Exceptional condition with only minor indications of use.

 EXCELLENT CONDITION = Above average used condition; no corrosion or pitting; all markings clear; plating or paintwork intact.

 VERY GOOD CONDITION = Average used condition with reasonable wear relative to the age of the reel; all components intact; and in sound mechanical order.

 GOOD CONDITION = Below average used condition with obvious wear e.g. moderate corrosion; small dents or scratches; markings worn or illegible; rough or excessively noisy gearing; minor spool distortion; worn bushes or bearings; minor cracks in wooden or bakelite backs and/ or drums (spools). maybe lacking minor components such as screws, nuts, bearing caps, etc.

 FAIR CONDITION = Heavy corrosion; lacking major components e.g. check mechanisms; level wind; handle knobs; line guide etc.

 POOR CONDITION = Useful only for parts.

 RESTORED = Rebuilt to original factory specifications (e.g. parts, plating, or wooden surface finish) Original reel’s integrity is no longer intact.

 POOR RESTORATION = Not rebuilt to original factory specifications (e.g plating removed and metal polished; re-plating to non-original factory plating type [e.g. nickel plating, chrome plating, re-anodising’ colour not produced by the factory; wooden components paint finish not factory original] shellac or varnish removed and repainted with 2 pac or staining type finish; non- original handle knobs, etc. The original reel’s integrity was lost.

 NON-AUTHENTIC =  The originality has been modified purposely to misrepresent authenticity (e.g., Crouch fitted with non-original handles, etc; Seamartin fitted with non-original drum (spool), etc; a reel falsely stamped or marked to misrepresent its maker).

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