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Ladd Ten-Point Rating Scale (Bernard Ladd; 2022)

1. MINT CONDITION     = Never used and in the same ORIGINAL condition it left the factory.

2. NEAR MINT CONDITION = Exceptional condition with only minor indications of use.

3. EXCELLENT CONDITION = Above average used condition; no corrosion or pitting; all markings clear; plating or paintwork intact.

4. VERY GOOD CONDITION = Average used condition with reasonable wear relative to age of the reel; all components intact; and in sound          mechanical order.

5. GOOD CONDITION = Below average used condition with obvious wear e.g. moderate corrosion; small dents or scratches; markings worn or illegible; rough or excessively noisy gearing; minor spool distortion; worn bushes or bearings; minor cracks in wooden or bakelite backs and/ or drums (spools). may be lacking minor components such as screws, nuts, bearing caps, etc.

6. FAIR CONDITION = Heavy corrosion; lacking major components e.g check mechanisms; level wind; handle knobs; line guide etc.

7. POOR CONDITION = Useful only for parts.

8. RESTORED = Rebuilt to original factory specifications (e.g. parts, plating or wooden surface finish) Original reel’s integrity no longer intact.

9. POORLY RESTORED = Not rebuilt to original factory specifications (e.g plating removed and metal polished; re-plating to non-original factory plating type [e.g. nickel plating, chrome plating, re-anodising’ colour not produced by factory; wooden components paint finish not factory original] shellac or varnish removed and repainted with 2 pac or staining type  finish; non- original handle knobs etc. Original reel’s integrity lost.

10. NON-AUTHENTIC =  The originality has been modified purposely to misrepresent authenticity (e.g., Crouch fitted with non-original handles etc; Seamartin fitted with non-original drum (spool) etc; a reel falsely stamped or marked to misrepresent its maker).

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