Clasmi Fly and General Purpose Fishing Reel Information, reference by Bernard ( Bernie) Ladd, 19/7/2014.

Bob Dunn eloquently described the difference between the original CROUCH reel and the CROUCH lookalike called CLASMI. Dunn claimed in his AFR book, that the creator of the CROUCH reel, Jack Crouch Senior, did not take steps to secure patent rights on his innovative design.The Crouch reel became quickly popular and it was not long before Jack Crouch started to become increasingly disappointed with the considerable margins that the wholesale traders took from the sales of his highly sought reel. To counter this unfavorable situation, Jack Crouch decided to advertise and to sell his reel at the recommended retail price directly to the retail outlets and private buyers.This of course led the wholesale traders to engage a Melbourne general manufacturing engineer, Clarrie Smith, to produce an almost identical reel. And he did. A CLASMI reel, with its name derived from the first three letters of first and last name of its maker, soon appeared on the market featuring very similar design to that of the CROUCH. On the surface the differences between the two reels were mainly cosmetic:- a twin handled crank on the CLASMI, compared to a single handle on the CROUCH; a spring- loaded pin on the re-movable threaded end-plate of the CLASMI (to control spool speed during casting), compared to the CROUCH'S combination of a spool regulator on the fixed end-plate, and a fingertip control aperture in the removable threaded end-plate. But, the experience of the end-user would prove that the famous original CROUCH was of a superior engineering quality in the way it was manufactured and it's fine smooth operation.

The general purpose fresh water CLASMI came in an anodised finish, in silver, matt black, copper bronze, or gold. It had a twin handle knob with the chrome plated crank. It is pertinent to mention that the twin crank knobs were poorly designed and in time any corrosion has caused them to break and disintegrate.To address this evident design "cost cutting" problem, Smith eventually implemented the heavy duty crank single torpedo handle; a standard fitment on the Clasmi salt water model, which was found to be much more ergonomically superior, and thus became standard on all models. Up to recent times there was no information available about Clarrie Smith and his factory, which is believed to have been situated in Melbourne. Recently ARCA has become privy to new historical information, which will be revealed in the near future subject to further verification.

Technical specifications: Metal revolving drum multiplier maker Clarrie Smith, Melbourne Victoria. Anodised aluminium body (salt water model chrome-plated) components chrome - plated, finger control spool drum tension adjustment, free spool lever, gear ratio 2.25 : 1; dia 3 9/16 '', drum width 7/8'', Body width 1 9/16", Clasmi etched on end plate -c. early 1950.

CLASMI early twin handle-knob fishing reel in Mint conditionwith original box & spare spool, Extremely Rare!
CLASMI early twin handle-knob fishing reel internal view showing the removable threaded side plate; gearing; felt back lash-brake.

Silver anodised

S-42- 1 3/8'' Fly or heavy line spool.

S-4 1-1 7/8'' medium Line spool.

Brass saddle chromed all models.

Bronze bearings

Driving gears Brass on brass.



Early twin knob crank Clasmi reel. Brass saddle (foot) chromed all models; bronze bearing;driving gears Brass on brass - Clasmi factory specifications.

Rare CLASMI Salt water Fly fishing reel, Rare

Salt water model

Clasmi salt water model. Specs similar to other models, with exception; Aluminium body chrome plated ; single handle crank. The genuine Clasmi salt water model, is extremely rare.



Black Clasmi Fly fishing and general purpose early Twin handle-knob modle, Hard to find.

Early twin knob

Black anodised.


Clasmi fly reel black back plate view


S-40-2 3/8'' Light line spool.

Black anodised Clasmi fishing reel.

Clami Fly reel with new design single torpido handle knob.. Hard to find model.

Brass crank chrome- plated all models.


Clasmi general purpose reel, with heavy duty crank & knob     (standard salt water models)

CLASMI Copper-Bronze anodized version in Mint condition, rare to find in Mint condition!


Copper bronze anodised Clasmi presented in Mint condition.

CLASMI Fly reel double etched CLAMI inscription Extremely Rare


Rare CLASMI inscription double etched.

CLASMI etched Border vintage fishing reel..Extremely rare


Rare CLASMI etched Border

CLASMI Fly fishing reel specification booklet


CLASMI specification leaflet.

Clasmi fishing reel spool arbour-gear removal tool

Clasmi spanner.

1- Clasmi vintage fishing reel advertise

Clasmi advertisement.

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