Alpha Vintage Fishing Rigs & Tackle by Bernard (Bernie) Ladd, 10/1/2014.

ALPHA snelled gut fishing line, hand tiedmounted hook sales representitive sample advertisement reference card's.-c.1920.

Australian collectable antique vintage fishing tackle lines and rigs,

Alpha information.

Australian old antique vintage collectable fishing tackle.

Early ALPHA sample advertisement cards are extremely rare.

Alpha genuine fishing tackle is very collectable.

ALPHA retail advertising sign -c.1960s

ALPHA hand tied fishing hooks advertising sales card -c.1950s.

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First Alpha trade mark-c.1920.

ALPHA trade mark 1950s




combination fishing ruler & folding single blade knife. -Era. 1950s.

ALPHA 1 1/4 ozs Wobbler -c.1950.

ALPHA DEVON fishing lure. -c.1960.

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ALPHA aeroplane fishing lure. M B Wragg & co, Gardenvale Vic. -c.1940.

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reeLman Australia ® page 32,Alpha tackle.

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ALPHA Braided Linen line.-c.1930.

ALPHA SPECIAL Pure Silk fishing line. -c.1950.

ALPHA fishing reel information  R A page 32.

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ALPHA GUT HOOKS Made of extra strong hooks and tied on the best selected silkworm gut. -c.1930.