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Exclusive Interview with Jack Crouch Jr, Publishing in 2023 in our new HTML5 Website  ReeLpedio ®  by Bernard (Bernie).Ladd.

Soon to be published: The exclusive ARCA interview with Jack Crouch jr. Including factual information from him  about the misrepresented Crouch combo set!.
A shocked Jack Crouch jr, stated in 2013: “We did not produce this”. Well, who was behind the Crouch combo set of 10 individually numbered sets?! ... Each set  included a split cane rod, Crouch 77 reel, and a poorly designed hexagonal box.

Attention: several honest gentleman who did purchase the Crouch combo sets from the individual who actually produced them will be named!

Who was behind this conspiracy ?

The infamous, unscrupulous former Melbourne collector who produced these individually numbered sets will  be named including his conspiracy and cover up attempts, will be published on the R A shame file segment. ReeLman Australia - dedicated to authenticity and truthful factual information.

Jack Crouch jr, pictured with Bernard 'Bernie' Ladd,at the historicak Crouch fly fishing reel meeting interview, in 2013.

J. Crouch jr & B. Ladd 6-11-2013


Engineer Jack Crouch Jr.Melbourne 23/9/2013.

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