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Crouch Fishing Reel History. Exclusive Interview with Jack Crouch Jr.  ReeLpedia ® by Bernard (Bernie).Ladd.

Unmasking the Truth Behind the 'Crouch Combo' Sets: A Tale of Deception and Revelation

Coming soon to reeLpedia® page 31, we delve into the intriguing story behind the enigmatic 'Crouch Combo' sets. Despite popular belief among collectors and enthusiasts that these sets were crafted by the Crouch manufacturing company in Dunolly, Victoria, prior to its closure around 1968, our investigation unveils a startling revelation. Contrary to common assumptions, the 'Crouch Combo' sets were discreetly organized through private channels in the early 1990s.

In an exclusive interview conducted by the Australian Reel Collectors Association (ARCA), we had the privilege of conversing with Jack Crouch Jr. Himself, shedding light on the misrepresented 'Crouch Combo' set. Comprising a hexagonal box, a dark blue plastic rod holding tube, the renowned Crouch 77 fishing reel, and a meticulously crafted Split cane fishing rod by Turvillie Melbourne, this unique ensemble emerged in an eBay auction sale in 2013.

During an ARCA assembly in 2013, Jack Crouch Jr. was taken aback upon encountering an eBay auction listing showcasing a 'Crouch Combo' set. In a moment of astonishment, he explicitly stated, "We did not produce this." This declaration spurred a quest to unveil the mastermind behind the creation of these ten individually numbered sets, each featuring a split cane rod, a Crouch 77 reel, and an intricately designed hexagonal box.

Our attention turned towards a group of seven gentlemen who originally acquired the 'Crouch Combo' sets from an individual hailing from Canterbury. These key figures, who were intimately involved in the genesis of these sets, have come forth with irrefutable evidence, unraveling the clandestine production process, including insights into the numbering and creation of each set.

The curtain is soon to rise on a gripping exposé, unveiling the identity of the mastermind behind this elaborate ruse. Our investigation points towards an unscrupulous former fishing reel collector based in Canterbury, Melbourne, who masterminded the fabrication of these individually numbered sets. In an attempt to veil his actions, this individual embarked on an intricate cover-up scheme. This riveting account, replete with revelations and revelations of subterfuge, will be unveiled on, within the revered reeLpedia® pages.


At ARCA, we are steadfast in our commitment to upholding authenticity and presenting factual information regarding the rich history of Australian-made angling equipment. Stay tuned for the unveiling of this enthralling narrative that promises to reshape our understanding of the 'Crouch Combo' sets and the intricate web of deception that shrouds their origin.

Jack Crouch jr, pictured with Bernard 'Bernie' Ladd at the historical Crouch fishing reel meeting interview in 2013.

J. Crouch jr & B. Ladd 6-11-2013

Jack Crouch jr photographed in Melbourne holding a Crouch fishing reel in 2013


Engineer Jack Crouch Jr.Melbourne 23/9/2013.

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