SEAMARTIN metal fishing reels, Monarch, Acmil, Neptune tackle by Bernard (Bernie) Ladd..

Seamartin MONARCH and original box

Improved model

Extremely Rare

SEAMARTIN MONARCH Drum face; Die cast metal drag knob embossed Monarch.

Seamartin Monarch Australian Vintage Fishing Reel.


The SEAMARTIN Reel invented by Cliff Martin in the 1950s for surf fisherman on Victoria's Ninety Mile Beach. Over a period of years the Seamartin was developed to provide a superior reel for both beach and rock fishing and has since been accepted and used for competition casting in Australia.


Wally Bambit ,Oakleigh Agencies, Traralgon, Vic.purchased the patent rights from Cliff Martin in 1971. The reel was redesigned for mass production, a die-cast body, MONARCH molded in the nylon type spool and Monarch on the drag knob, chrome plated mild steel line retrieve hook -C 1973. Specifications: Die-cast main gear, bronze bearing; spool alarm set; die-cast body; Colours, maroon,brown,olive-green,black,green & maroon. (Ladd B 2012).


Some time during 1975 the MONARCH was produced with some minor improvements, the pinion shaft previously brass and prone to shearing under load was changed to 316 grade stainless steel, the chrome plated mild steel retrieve hook to hard chrome s/s metal.The nylon type spool prone to distortion or breakage was left unmodified! These minor improvements proved fruitless, as most fisherman rejected the Monarch Oakleigh Agencies not able to survive, sold to F&T Mouldings.

Seamartin MONARCH surf reel -c.1973.

A mint example MONARCH Left hand wind by special order.

Seamartin Monarch specifications, schematic guide.

The New Improved SEAMARTIN Mark II -C1976 Manufactured by Acmil Mouldings (F&T), Huntingdale, Vic. The body is beautifully finished in hammertone blue, exyplast enamel baked at 300'C. The spool, moulded from an engineering plastic, a thermosetting polyester [Valox 310) Line retrieve hook hard chrome Stainless Steel (S/S). All metal fittings are 316 S/S.The oscillator support,mouldedin nylon 66, now sports a roller to take side thrust imposed by the fishing line.The acorn handle nut now has a lock plate. Main gear die-cast alloy; bronze bearing. L or R hand models.

Neptune Tackle SEAMARTIN Mark II -C 1981. C & J Coates Pty.Ltd, Port Adelaide, S.A. purchased the patent rights from Acmil Mouldings in the early 1980s. No design changes to the SEAMARTIN were performed by Coates. All specifications and materials are as the Acmil Seamartin. Available in left or right hand models. The first colour blue, followed by flat black and lastly hammertone silver-black. Production ceased in 2006. ( Ladd B,2012)

Seamartin fishing reels information reference guide by Bernard (Bernie) Ladd.

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