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Australian Collectable Vintage Fishing Reels, History Reference, ReeLpedia ® by Bernard (Bernie) Ladd, 7/8/2009. Workshop produced fishing reels, manufactured by sagacious engineering technicians, and tradesman, are vigorously pursued by collectors and form an interesting era of Australian made fishing reels.

Bendigo Victoria Ordnance Factory workshop thread line spinning reel -c 1940. All brass body, rotor, drum (spool) and drag knob. Rotor diameter 2 3/8''; gear housing length 2 7/8'', width 7/8''; horn handle; brass ambidextrous crank; bronze bearing bushes ; ball bearing rotor; steel main gear; bronze worm gear; steel cam driven brass leg, level line drum operation; auto half bail arm of nickle plated steel. Highly engineered -  possibly the first Australian factory made thread line spinning reel. - Very Rare.

BOURKE vintage Game fishing reel made in Australia by John Bourke, Picture
BOURKE vintage Game fishing reel made in Australia

The J.W. Bourke designed & made Latrobe Valley Multiplying Game reel -c 1973. Machined from solid aluminium alloy bar. Side plate Diameter 5''; Spool width 3'' over all side plates frame width 4 1/2''. Multiple aviation grade ball bearing main shaft Needle roller bearing crank spindle; Dual drag disc's - Lever cam drag system ; 2:1 ratio. - Extremely Rare

BOURKE vintage Game fishing reel made in Australia

John Bourke, retired Tool Maker and a well known fishing guru from Lakes Entrance, Victoria. Presenting here his Bourke  Aluminium Alloy Game reel. Only 6  J. W. BOURKE game reels made.

Above, Lever drag configuration of the J W Bourke, Game  fishing reel.

Bendigo Victoria Ordnance Factory workshop reel. Engineered look alike of the Crouch reel -Era 1940s. Machined from Aluminium bar; hi tensile gearing; adjustable clutch; free spool control; solid brass machined saddle seat. Very Rare.

Australian Collectable Antique Vintage Fishing Reels Historical Information & Reference, by Bernard (Bernie) Ladd, 10/9/2009.

A selection of four extremely rare old threadline spinning fishing reels: Lifetime, Vanguard Duck's Foot, Apoid, and Plum.

 APOID reel with original box.

Apoid Threadline Spinning Reel -C 1930.

Maker possibly Clive Staples for Alcock & Pierce, Melb, Vic. Aluminium alloy body, rotor & spool (drum); Half bail arm, Auto pick up. Bronze Crown main gear; stem-T saddle, Crank & knob of bronze.  Extremely Rare.

VANGUARD Duck's foot Thread-line Spinning reel

and original box.

Vanguard " Duck's Foot " Spinning Reel - C 1937 Maker Clive Staples for Alcock & Pierce, Melb,Vic. Cast Aluminium alloy body, Aluminium spool. Nickel plated brass handle knob; crank arm; Drag control & shaft housing. Half bail arm action; Bronze gearing; Ratio 3 : 1. Original box, user guide & spare spool. Extremely Rare.

Plum Threadline Spinning Reel - C 1920.

Maker Clive Staples for Alcock & Pierce, Melb, Vic. Cast Aluminium body, Rotor & Crank arm. Bakelite handle knob & spool - Brass drag control. The letters PLUM stamped in an oval circle on both sides of reel & rotor back plate. Extremely Rare.

PLUM reel with original box.

The Lifetime thread-line spinning surf fishing reel is believed to have been created around 1950 by C & R Carthew, Moonta, South Australia. After a careful examination of the LIFETIME components, it became evident that the maker had invested much ingenuity and creative engineering thinking into the task of designing, and producing casting moulds for the manufacture of the reel’s cast aluminium gear housing, rotor, crank handle, and it’s unique conical drag knob. The internal spindles are supported by sealed ball-bearing races; and the cast metal main drive gear is thoughtfully purpose designed. 


There is no doubt that the maker had in mind a mass production of the LIFETIME surf reel for the retail market, however this plan sadly had never crystallised. There are three LIFETIME surf reels today, in existence, but it is pertinent to state that it is unknown as to how many reels were actually produced around 1950, before a decision was made to abandon the LIFETIME reel's  full production. Why this decision was made, is yet another mystery.  Ladd, B. 13/10/2021.

1-LIFETIME vintage surf spinning threadline fishing reel
2-LIFETIME vintage surf spinning threadline fishing reel
3-LIFETIME vintage surf spinning threadline fishing reel
4-LIFETIME vintage surf fishing reel made in Australia
5-LIFETIME vintage surf spinning threadline fishing reel
1-LIFETIME thread-line spinning Surf vintage spinning reel

Lifetime Thread Line Spinning Surf Reel. Cast aluminium and metal body; four sealed ball bearing races .

gear housing diameter 2 7/8''; rotor diameter 3 1/8''; drum (spool) width 1 13/16'', conical shaped clutch drag knob; manual pick-up line guide; die-cast aluminium crank; aluminium handle; cast metal straight bevel main gear, ball bearing supported; hardened steel straight bevel pinion gear; pinion spindle and rotor ball bearing supported; gear ratio 3 : 1; anti-revese pawl (dog); removable T saddle (foot) of aluminium; weight 642 grams.The Lifetime Surf reel  C & R Carthew Box 116 Moonta dymo-taped to gear housing plate -c. 1950. Extremely rare.

REELPEDIA® QUICK LINK: Click the relevant reel pictured to see further detailed information by Bernard (Bernie) Ladd.

Spinall vintage spinning reel in Mint condition, rare

Spinall reel.

Surmaster Eildon vintage spinning reel with original box Rare.

Surfmaster Eildon reel.

Rare vintage Alvey Wedge-lock fishing reel.

Avey reel.

CLASMI vintage saltwater Fly fishing reel rare model

Clasmi reel.

SEAMARTIN vintage wood & metal fishing reel at reeLman

Seamartin reel.

Alvey vintage Wedgelock fishing reel with wooden spool

Wood fishing reel.

ALVEY Rare vintage wooden Game fishing reel, Rare model

Alvey wood game reel.

CROUCH vintage Folding Handle, very rare model.

Crouch reel.

CAPSTAN vintage spinning reel with original Box Rare

Capstan reel.

HALCO vintage Blackfish star drag fishing reel Gold anodized model Rare

Halco reel.

DAWSON vintage Fly fishing reel information at

Dawson fly  reel.

Alvey vintage metal Big Game fishing reel

Alvey game reel.

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