The ALVEY factory was founded by Charles Alvey in 1920 at St Lucia, Brisbane, Australia. In particular reels produced during the 1920s and 1930s are highly sought after and treasured by enthusiasts the world over.

ALVEY still remains in operation today, producing superior fishing reels for the Australian, and world wide export markets.

Alvey 6 inch wood and metal Game reel Extremely Rare.


ALVEY 6 inch, brass bearing game reel. Australian silky oak brass backed drum width 2 3/4''; Silky oak back diameter 5 13/16 '';  Cast brass T saddle cross back nickle plated; anti reverse-check, free spool option; claw crank drag; nickle plated brass crank-handle (all game reel models.  Wood handle-knobs.-c. 1930. Extremely Rare

ALVEY 7 inch Wood and metal Game Reel Extremely Rare.
ALVEY 7 inch rare Stainlees steel back plate image.

A 2

Ex Rare

ALVEY 7 inch brass bearing, Big game reel. Camphor laurel wood, 316 s/s backed drum width 2 1/2'';  rolled stainless steel (316) back plate diameter 7''; grease cup; on -off drag dial; on off ratchet; claw crank drag; Heavy duty ribbed cast brass T saddle Y back (brass components originally nickle plated); wood handle knobs -c1940.


ALVEY K 1 Wood and Metal Game reel Rare.


Alvey K 1 Metal 7 inch Back plate Game reel

ALVEY K1 7inch Big game reel. Rose Mahogany wood, brass backed drum width 2 1/2''; cast aluminium  alloy back plate diameter 7''; variable check, anti-reverse; claw crank drag; bulbous wood handle -knobs; brass bikerdyke line guard -c.1936. Extremely Rare

 Rare ALVEY 7 inch modle J 1  metal Game reel



ALVEY J1 7 inch Big game reel. alloy deep drum width 2 1/2''; cast aluminium alloy back plate diameter 7''; anti-reverse free spool dial; optional check lever; claw crank drag; Cast aluminium alloy silver anodised; bikerdyke line guard; brass components nickel plated; bulbous wood handle knobs -c.1936. Extremely Rare.


ALVEY modle J2 vintage 7 inch Game reel. Rare.


ALVEY J1 7 inch metal back plate fishing reel.

ALVEY J2 7 inch Big game reel. Shallow aluminium alloy drum width 2 1/2''; cast aluminium alloy back plate diameter 7''; (cast aluminium alloy not originally anodised or plated) anti-reverse, free spool dial optional check lever; claw crank drag; cast alloy back & saddle; grease cup; bulbous wood handle-knobs; plated bikerdyke line guard; brass components nickle plated  -c.1936. Extremely Rare.


Rare Alvey 8 & 1/2 inch diameter Game fishing reel.

ALVEY BIG GAME fishing reel model H1 8 1/2 inch, deep sea big game reel blue anodised version (blue anodising not Alvey original colour). Extremely Rare.

Alvey game fishing reel history, information and H1 game reel picture, courtesy Bruce Alvey, 28/2/2014.

Rare Alvey 8 & 1/2 inch Big Game Fishing Reel.


ALVEY H1 8 1/2 inch deep sea Big game reel. Drum width 3 3/8''; silver anodised cast aluminium alloy side plates and Drum; cast brass saddle; non reversing star crank drag; anti-reverse free spool dial; front optional check; grease cup; brass components nickel plated; wood handle knobs; harness lugs. Extremely rare, estimate of 12 made. -c.1930s.

Rare Alvey 7 inch Game reel.


Alvey 7 inch single handle game reel. Ball bearing; aluminium alloy side plates; drum width 3 3/8"; non reversing claw crank drag; front optional check -c.1939. Extremely Rare. Information and picture courtesy Bruce Alvey.

ALVEY advertising poster Circa 1940.

Alvey advertising poster -c.1940. Rare.

ALVEY advertising poster circa 1950.

Alvey advertising poster -c. 1950. Rare.


Bruce Alvey at the Alvey museum holding

The Ron Dempster Award, for exceptional contribution to the future of recreational

fishing in Queensland. Courtesy Bruce Alvey, 2014.


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