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Ebro, Sidecast, Australian Vintage Fishing Reels.The Ebro factory founded by Edward Bullock Rogers in 1930,produced reels for the export market remained in operation into the 1970s. Reels produced during the 1930s in paticular, are very collectable. Bernie Ladd, 2/2/2014.

Australian made fishing reels have become highly collectable, The Ebro reel manufactured by Rogers Bros during the1930s and 1940s in paticular, are sort after and treasured by collectors world wide. The Ebro factory foundedby Edward Bullock Rogers in 1930,produced reels for the export marketremained in operation well intothe 1970s is extensively describedby Melbourne collector Bernie Ladd,also known as '' reeLman " startedhis facination collecting fishing itemsduring his early teenage years makeshim one of the most experienced collector's in Australia today.Ladd's work available for reference at www.reeLmanAustralia.comis regarded as the most authoritativeinformation covering Australian madecollectable fishing reels -ARCA.

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Ebro No.68.Anti reverse,free spoollevers;capstain drag. Bakelite & brassplated, specs same as E1 -c.1930s.

Ebro No.68. s/c. Bakelite spool drumwidth 3 1/8";dia 4 1/2"; nickel patedbrass;capstain drag,opt check -c.1930s.

Press plunger turntable

Ambidextrousoption all models



Old sidecast reels.


Ebro No.59.s/c. Bakelite spool drum width 2 3/8 "; dia 3 1/2";nickel plated brass, patented centre pin release; opt/c -c.1930s.

Evans & Balfour wholesalersMelb, decal

Ribbed bakelite handle knobs


Ball bearing turntable

Ebro No.59. Specifications same as E3 with exception of the turntable mechanism -c.early 1930s.


Extremely Rare 3 1/2'' model

Ebro No.65 Extremely rare 3 1/2 inch,

Patented centrepin release latch


Ebro No.62. Bakelite spool drum width 3 1/8''; dia 4 1/2''; nickel plated brass; patent centre pin release;opt/c -c1930s.

Reelman Australia page 35 Ebro side cast fishing reels.

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Ebro No.63. knurled drag nut model.Bakelite spool drum width 2 3/8'';

other specs similar to No.68, E2 -c 1930s.

dia 3 1/2''; nickel plated brass;opt/c; later tapered knobs -c.1940s. PAGE 35 Ebro sidecast,Copyright © 2009-2020.