Alvey Wedgelock Sidecast Vintage Fishing Reels, Reference and History by Bernard Ladd,12/2/2014.

Extremely rare


The first early Alvey sidecasts were produced with a V-slot type turntable during the 1920s.They were then followed by the Gem pivot turntable design. In 1938 the Alvey sidecasts were subsequently produced for a period of ten years (1938-1948) with WEDGELOCK turntable -design, which featured a unique patented cast-brass lever lock operation. However, due to Wedgelock's higher production costs, eventually the production ceased in 1948. Alvey introduceda more cost effective Ferguson's turntable design. It took roughly another decade for Alvey to make further improvements on the 'Ferguson' type turntable design. In 1953 Jack Alvey, introduced a patented improved version, which featured a stainless steel Lever Pivot Lock turntable. In 1958, Kenneth Alvey suprisingly patented a further modification of the Ferguson design, which this time included the Pressed Lever configuration. In the early 1960s Alvey chose to revert back to the 1953 Jack Alvey improved Lever Pivot turntable. That particular mechanism has become the standard turntable, used for sidecast fishing reels, still incorporated by Alvey to this day. The Wedgelock Sidecast Charles Alvey & Son, are highly sought after reel models by collectors world wide, and are regarded as a prized possession, by Alvey vintage reel enthusiasts.

ALVEY WEDGELOCK Rim Lever, wood and metal Drag Casting Reel -c. 1938. Ex rare.Specifications: Nickel plated one piece cast gunmetal back and turntable base, saddle (rod mount seat) and forked line guide. Back plate diameter 5 3/8''; nickel plated brass backed Australian silky oak spool-drum width 2 3/8''. Claw star drag wheel ;crank-handle and knurled tension screw of nickel plated cast brass; twin elongated (tapered) bakelite handle- knobs; anti-reverse pawl, and optional- check, individually Rim lever lever operated. A rear knurled grease cup provideslubrication to spindle. Wedgelock Pat. No. 796/40 stamped on turntable.



Heavy dutybakelite drum (barrel).Reg No. 11675molded in drum.

Extremely rare



Spring tension spool ajusting nut.

ALVEY WEDGELOCK Camphor laurel spool.Cast back dia 4 3/8,drum width 2 3/8''; optional check; brass fittings nickel plated; bakelite knobs; knurled grease cup.-c.1938.


ALVEY WEDGELOCK claw wheel drag crank. Specs, same as other models.-c.1938.


Alvey wedgelock wood metal backed drum width 2 1/4''; back anti-reverse pawl dial; opt/ck, -c.1938.

Castmetalnickel plated back dia 4 3/8''


Heavy duty bakelite handle knob drum (barrel). Reg No. 11675 Moulded in drum.

ALVEY WEDGELOCK rim levers.One piece cast brass back & turntable base; dia 4 3/8''; bakelite drum width 2 3/8"; rim lever's operated anti-revese,free spool and optional check ajustments; threaded grease cup; all brass fittings nickel plated; bakelite knobs. -c1938.

Wedgelock back dia same all models.

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