Dinkum, Dux, Elite, Eze Kast, Ferguson & Hall Sidecast Fishing Reel Information, Bernie Ladd, 30/10/2011.

DUX sidecast metal and bakelite reel. Diameter 4 3/8''; Spool-drum width 2 1/2''; optional check; cast brass type back and guide , stamped DUX on back; Origin Queensland Australia, maker unknown -c 1950.

DUX metal and bakelite reel. Diameter 4 3/8''; spool-drum width 2 1/2; optional check; cast brass type back and guide; stamped DUX on back. Back crank single handle knob. The unusual crank handle mounting and square turntable suggests this is the reel patented by Ernest Wilson of Sangate, Qld in 1951. ( Dunn, 1994; p. 110)


Les Collins

DINKUM metal and wood sidecast reel. Diameter 4 1/4''; spool-drum width 2 1/4'' nickel plated cast brass type back, V slot turn table and removable line guide; optional check.Stamped DINKUM - model B on back. Era 1920s.

Specifications courtesy David Garner.

EZE KAST metal and wood side cast reel. Diameter 4 1/8''; Australian silky oakspool-drum width 1 5/8''; Gem pivot turntable; optional check; bakelite handle-knobs; oval logo with EZE KAST stamped on back. Era 1930s. maker unknown.

ELITE model A metal and wood sidecast reel. Australian Silky oak back diameter 4 3/4''; spool-drum width 2'', ball bearing turntable; cast gunmetal cross back stamped model A Elite; brass removable forked line guide. Maker unknown -c 1920s.

FERGUSON metal and wood sidecast reel.Diameter 4 7/8''; wooden spool-drum width 2 1/4''; cast gunmetal cross back; wooden handle-knobs; optional check; Left hand threaded drag- brake nut. Ferguson's Patent No. 14739/20 stamped on turntable base. Maker George Ferguson, Petrie Terrace QLD -c 1920.

FERGUSON single handle-knob model, specs similar to above.

G Hall 4 1/2'' model sidecast.Origin Australia -c 1920.

G Hall specifications:Australian silky oak wood;Nickel plated cast brass crossback, turntable & lineguide assembly; unique -rear optional check - dragconfiguration; leaf turntablespring-lock.Stamped G HALL.

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