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Surfmaster Eildon spinning reel information, Australian Antique Vintage Fishing Reels, Surfmaster Reference and History,

ReeLpedia ® by Bernard,  (Bernie) Ladd, 3/7/2013.

Surfmaster Eildon Thread-line Spinning reel History.

Bob Conaghan, the owner of Halcyon Products Pty. Ltd. in Sydney, and maker of the surfmaster revolving drum multiplier, aimed to combine the designs of the Eildon and Surfmaster brands into a new marketable threadline spinning reel. Around that time, in 1949, Bud Bain creator of Eildon reel sold his Melbourne manufacturing engineering firm, H. R. Bain & Co. As part of this move, Conaghan purchased from Bain tooling, casting dies, and more importantly the Eildon brand name. After this acquisition, Halcyon Pty. Ltd. produced a surf reel, which Conaghan named the Surfmaster Eildon Mk. 2 Spinning Reel. Two separate models were manufactured to suit left or right handed use. Like the Surfmaster Eildon Mk. 2 Spinning Reel (rotor diameter 3 3/16”), the Surfmaster Eildon Mk. 1 was similar design with one exception, its rotor diameter was much smaller, 2 9/16”. Over time the Surfmaster Eildon Mk. 1, came out in a range of colours and various shapes of the handle knobs, unlike Surfmaster Eildon Mk. 2, which came with consistent silver hammer tone type colour and a torpedo handle knob. Compiled : B Ladd 2013.

Surfmaster Eildon Mk 2 model. Diecast alloy body; metal spool; folding handle; torpedo handle-knob; spool-mounted clutch drag, auto bail pick up; gear ratio 2 1/2 : 1; Surfmaster on alloy drag indicator; high tensile gearing, ball bearing main shaft; nickel bronze worm shaft; S/S bail arm; crank nickel plated mild steel; box marked Mk 2 LH  -C 1950.

Extremely Rare. (Se 1)

Surfmater Eildon Mk 2 R/H model. Silver hammertone colour; torpedo handle-knob. Specfications same as Mk 2 L/H model. -C 1950. Extremely rare. (Se 2)

fig 1.

Surfmaster Eildon Mk 1 model. Die cast alloy body, silver hammertone finisn; metal spool; paddle type knob, folding crank handel; spool - mounted clutch drag; auto bail pick up; gear ratio 2 1/4 : 1; Surfmaster on drag indicator; high tensile gearing; ball bearing main shaft; nickel bronze worm shaft; S/S bail arm; crank nickel plated mild steel; L/H wind -C 1950.   (Se 3)

All Eildon model fishing reels, came with an anti- reverse, sliding lock screw {see fig 1 }  and alloy plate, individually stamped in chronological order { fig 2 }

Surfmaster Eildon Mk 1 left hand wind model. Turquoise hammertone colour. Original Mk 1 box stamped Mk 1 L H. spare spool, Mechanical specifications same as other Mk 1 models. Box marked Mk 1 LH -C 1950. Extremely Rare.  (Se 4)

Surfmaster Eildon Mk 1 L/H model. Turquoise hammer-tone colour; Torpedo erinoid handle knob.Technical Specifications same as other models -c 1950. Extremely rare to find with original box. (Se 5)

Surfmaster Eildon Mk 1 R/H model. Silver hammer-tone colour; Tapered erinoid handle-knob.Technical Specifications same as other models -c 1950. Rare.  (Se 6)

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