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CLIMAX Old Australian Antique Vintage Fishing Reels History reference Climax History information,

reeLpedia by Bernie Ladd, 2013.


Climax bakelite reel was made for Hartleys Pty Ltd, a large Australian retail wholesale company specializing in fishing tackle and manufacturing and supplying sporting goods. Although the maker of the reel is not officially known, there are some indications that the reel was developed and manufactured by H. B. Chalmers Pty Ltd, Melbourne. Some reels are marked on the inside of the backplate with an insignia, H.B.C., and next to it there is a marking of a patent number 1869, with a specific date (e.g. 29/4/1931). Interestingly, the earlier models do not display the patent number or the date of manufacturing. However, the markings on the later models are similar to what Stewart and Allwood Pty. Ltd. were applying to the Steelite reel. It is not surprising, therefore, to find some Climax reels also bearing S&A markings next to the patent number, date, and H.B.C. insignia.


H. B. Chalmers Pty Ltd were plastic molders specializing in the manufacturing of bakelite Nottingham reels, and clearly, Climax was one of their products. The available evidence, only on some reels, also strongly suggests that Chalmers used moulding dies supplied by the Stewart and Allwood Pty Ltd. Climax Nottingham comprises of bakelite spool and back, brass fittings, and in some cases, the fittings are nickel plated. Some Climax reels came with optional or non-optional check designs. The Climax name was always molded into the outside back plate which varied in its diameter. A rarity among the Climax reels is the Climax threadline casting reel, which consists of an alloy body, bakelite spool, brass handle crank, star-shaped drag control, a non-bail arm, and a gear ratio 2.5:1. Chalmers conceptualized and manufactured the spool, but the rotor and the body concepts were based on the existing English Hardex reel. Compiled: B Ladd 2013.

CLIMAX Thread-line vintage spinning fishing reel
CLIMAX Thread-line vintage spinning fishing reel

CLIMAX  thread-line spinning reel; manuual line pick up; exposed brass gears; brass crank; ebonite handle-knob bakelite spool (drum). -C 1934. Extremely Rare.  (Cx 1)

CLIMAX vintage fishing reel Half-bail arm modle

Half bail CLIMAX model -c 1934. Extremely Rare.  (Cx 2)

CLIMAX vintage Bakelite Notingham fishing reel. Rare
Climax Bakelite vintage fishing reel X back plate view

Climax bakelite X back. Brass fittings nickel plated; diameter 3 3/4''; spool (drum) width 1'' - C early 1930. Extremely Rare. (Cx 3)

CLIMAX vintage Nottingham bakelite fishing reel -c 1932

CLIMAX vintage fishing reel information image 4.

CLIMAX vintage Bakelite fishing reel from Australia Rare

Climax bakelite back diameter 3 3/4''; spool (drum)/width 1 1/8''; Brass fittings nickle plated -C 1932. Rare.  (Cx 4)

CLIMAX vintage fishing reel made in Australia
CLIMAX vintage fishing reel

Climax bakelite fly reel Back.diameter 2 7/8''; spool (drum) width 1"; non check; brass fittings. -c 1932. Rare.  (Cx 5)

CLIMAX vintage bakelite Nottingham fishing reel
CLIMAX vintage bakelite Nottingham fishing reel

Climax bakelite nottingham.. Diameter 3 3/8"; spool (drum) width 1"; brass fittings nickle plated constant check -c 1930. Hard to find. (Cx 6)

CLIMAX vintage Bakelite Nottingham fishing reel. Rare
CLIMAX vintage Bakelite Nottingham fishing reel

Climax bakelite nottingham.C.1931. Optional check; brass fittings; Back diameter 3 3/8''; spool (drum) width 1''  -c 1931. Rare.  (Cx 7)

CLIMAX vintage Black Bakelite Nottingham fishing reel
CLIMAX Black Bakelite vintage Nottingham fishing reel.

Last Climax bakelite Nottingham modal made. Back diameter 3 3/8'' ; spool (drum) width 1'' ; optional check; Brass fittings. Line guide and saddle (foot) riveted -C Late 1930. Rare. (Cx 8)

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