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Jack Crouch’s initial reel making was carried out in a suburban backyard factory at his home in Fairfield Melbourne. After the war, Jack took histhree sons, Jack jr.,Ken, and Arthur, into partnership. By this time,demand for the CROUCH reel had grown considerably and Crouch sought permission to build a new factory at Fairfield. When this proved impossible, the family moved to DUNOLLY, a small Victorian countrytown, near Ballarat, where they rented an old tin shed for use as their workshop.


The Crouch reel was now stamped: J.T. Crouch & sons, makers Dunolly Vic on side plate. -c.1950. As production progressed, the Crouches relocated their buisness to a new factory built in Dunolly, where it operated until its final closure in 1968. It is in this newly; established plant, that the Crouch reel was further modified to incorporate the optional clutch drag. In 1964, the reel was completely revamped as the Crouch 77, now with plastic end plates, ratchet control lever andoptional right or left hand wind, but retaining all the original features. Two models produced were: standard and slipping clutch. Crouch reels came with 4 spool design option sizes, No.1 standard; No.2 large capacity; No.3 extra large capacity; No.4 special fly spool.

Reference verified by Jack Crouch jr.

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Brass check dial assy

First series Crouch & sons Dunolly, -c.1950. Hardened steel main gear (used on optional check models only) hardened spool shaft & gear; cast alloy crank; tapered plastic handel.


fig 2

{fig 2}

First series Crouch & sons Dunolly Vic,-c.1950. similar to C1 except tube plastic type handel knob (pictured on box) ; standardization shrouded check dial screw. [fig2]


J T Crouch & sons Dunolly Vic, -c,1950s Dual aperture model, technical Specifications similar to standard model crouch multiplying fishing reels.


fig 3

Crouch Aluminium standard multiplier. -c.1950. ; Nickel bronze main gear fig 3. {standard on non optional- check models} specs as all previous DUNOLLY Crouch's reels.

Crouch fishing reel information, Crouch reel information.

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Crouch & sons Dunolly vic -c.1950soptional check; slipping clutch model; hardened steel main gear, fig 4. [standard on opt check models] Specs, as other Dunolly Crouch's.



Crouch & sons Dunolly, Improved Chrome Plated Brass Flat Tapered Crank Handle model. Optional check; tapered plastic knob. A non-checkmodel was also produced.-c.late 1950s.


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Crouch 77 standard


SPECIFICATIONS of the Crouch model 77 Multiplying revolving drum reel -c. 1964. Nickel bronze main gear; hardened steel spool shaft & pinion gear; aluminium alloy anodised body; Plastic side plates; bronze bearings; aluminium alloy seat; 3 leg pronged spring steel spool adjustment; Aperture finger spool control; L/R hand operation; optional check; two models were produced, Standard & Slipping clutch. Very hard to find in Mint condition with box & paper work.

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Crouch 77 slipping clutch model.

Crouch 77 casting and spinning reel, Brochure and user guide.

Slipping clutch tool.

Courtesy Gordon Vincent.

Early Crouch 77 Box.

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