Old Australian Vintage Collectable Fishing Reel, Magna Flite Reference & History Information by Bernie Ladd.

Magna-Flite Revolving Drum Multiplying casting fishing reel -c 1957, maker Tom Leckie, [Lexel Electric] St Kilda, Victoria.


Tom Leckie operated his own repetition engineering business Lexel electric, in St Kilda. Impressed by some of the developments in the USA with magnetically controlled reels, such as the ocean city inductor Leckie, set out to make an Australian version and successfully applied for patent protection in 1956. {B Ladd 2012} 


Threaded removable end plates, Magnetic spool control brake, phosphor bronze bush bearing's; Gearing bronze; Ratio 2 1/4 : 1; Diameter 2 3/4 '' ; body width 3 1/4''; spool width 2 1/8'' [vernier caliper measured] optional check; free spool knock lever; Adjustable magnetic anti back-lash Calibration. Aluminium alloy body - anodised, five colour options, Blue, Red, Gold, Silver & Green.


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Red anodised Magna-Flite


Gold anodised Magna-Flite


Nickel Bronze main Gear Steel pinion gear Brass retaining plate


Patented Magnetic Brake [back-lash]


Above, Magna-Flite spool and original box




Clear [silver] anodised Magna-Flite .

Blue anodised Magna-Flite.

Green anodised Magna-Flite


M 10


Magna-flite Tournament comp casting reel.

This reel previously used by Max Carter Melbourne, former champion Tournament caster & Tackle shop owner. I of only 2 known, competition reels, maker Tom Leckie. Designed for the world championships in the 1950s by Tom Leckie and Max Carter. (Ladd B. 2012).

Magna flite vintage fishing reel information.

Black anodised Magna-Flite


Note: No official information exists indicating that the Magnaflite was produced Black anodised, suggesting that this reel was in fact re-anodised black some time after original purchase. No other black anodised Magnaflites have been sighted.

Magna-flite fishing reel,Reelman Australia page 14.

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