Australian Reel Collectors Association (ARCA) The name Australian Reel Collectors Association is protected by Copyright Legislation therefore no person shall utilize the ARCA name or symbol (shown below) for any purpose, in particular, for profit making or enhancing any attempt at profit making, without the expressed approval of ARCA Executive.

Australian Reel Collectors Association (ARCA 2012-2016) Mission Statement, For quite sometime antique reel enthusiasts, based in Melbourne, were sharing their knowledge and passion of reel collecting in their regular bi-monthly meetings, which were held in various members’ homes. The usefulness and regularity of these meetings led me to the idea of establishing the Australian Reel Collectors Association (ARCA). My fellow members welcomed the idea and in early 2012, ARCA was founded.The aim of ARCA is: to bring the antique and vintage fishing enthusiasts together; to share their common interest and passion; and to preserve the historic and technical information regarding various collectable items. Such information often refers to: the origins of the conceptual design of a collectable fishing item; its development and functional evolution; its inventors and manufacturers; and the prevailing circumstances that led to the item's conceptualization and production, from the earliest times through to the present. ARCA, a non-profit association, is about sharing the enthusiasm in the present, and preserving history for the future generations. B. Ladd, 2012 Founder ARCA..

The Inaugural Meeting of Australian Reel Collectors Association also known as ARCA was held in Melbourne 4th August 2013.


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ARCA Official Logo.


Australian Reel Collectors Association, is an Association of gentlemen who are passionately, and ethically invested in the history and authenticity of Australian fishing collectables.

Australian Reel Collectors Association.



Cavefacio de in et pallium, et arrepto pugione, societas .

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Caveat emptor - let the buyer beware.

The seventh official ARCA meeting was held 20/6/2019. 

Topic of discussions: eBay sellers involved in shil bidding, Known ebay sellers and buyers selling or buying out side eBay: known sellers who don't disclose faults or misrepresent items listed on eBay for sale..Known forgeries.

Recently found Seamartin proto-type..

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