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Auto-Flite spinning reel, Australian Collectable Antique Vintage Fishing Reels Auto Flite, History reference information,

 ReeLpedia ® by Bernie Ladd, 2012.

Auto-Flite closed face spinning reel, -C 1958. Maker Stokes & Sons, Designer Tom Leckie. Manufactured by Stokes & Sons in Brunswick, Melbourne, Victoria, exclusively for sporting goods distributor Michaelis Hallenstein.


The AUTO FLITE was the brainchild of Tom Leckie who successfully received patent approval in 1962. In 1956 Leckie had designed and manufactured the Magna-Flite multiplying reel. Although stokes manufactured the Auto-Flite, Leckie had made the prototypes at his own factory Lexel electric, and he was closely involved in quality control after production commenced. It was Leckie who suggested the striking logo, a stylized representation of a diving Gannet.


 Auto-Flite fishing reel was not a success, probably due to distrust of the angling market for closed face reels. Manufacturing lasted 9 months producing about 1000 reels during its brief lifetime. During its brief life time, however , the Auto-Flite was produced in two models. On the first [ standard] model the nut is smaller and located out side the crank. The later [ second] model In-corporated an over riding handle brake similar to the Abu-matic. This operated by reversing the handle to over ride the star drag. The two models can be readily distinguished by the size and position of the hexagonal nut next to the crank handle. On the first model the nut is smaller and located out side he crank. The later model has a larger nut placed in side the crank.    (ReeLpedia, 2012)


Closed face fixed spool; star drag; optional check, free spool, anti-reverse lever; spool control trigger, Anodised Aluminium cover diam, 2 1/2'' ; Alloy die-cast body; 4 colour options, Red, Green, Blue and Gold.

Green anodised Auto-Flite (first model)

Auto-Flite spinning reel GREEN anodized modle -c 1958
First model Auto-Flite closed face spinning reel -c 1958

First model

Red anodised Auto-Flite (second model)

Auto-Flite spinning reel Red anodized modle -c 1958
Auto-Flite spinning reel second model -c 1958

Second model

Auto-Flite closed face spinning reel BLUE anodized modle -c 1958

Blue anodised Auto-Flite

Auto-Flite spinning reel GOLD anodized modle with original box, Extremely Rare -c 1958

Rare Gold anodised Auto-Flite & original box.

Magazine advertisement stating the Auto-Flite closed face spinning reel was produced in 4 clour options, red,green,blue and gold

Advertisement stating Auto Flite produced in Four colours - red, green, blue and gold.

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