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Australian Vintage Fly Fishing Reels, Dawson, Silver King, Reference Information.

reeLpedia ® by Bernard (Bernie) Ladd, 2011.

DAWSON vintage Fly Fishing Reel.RARE model
DAWSON vintage Fly Fishing Reel. RARE model
DAWSON Fly Fishing Reel side view RARE model

Dawson fly reel. The first model - Era 1930's. Only sighted example, the first time displayed. Extremely rare. Branded L.H Dawson Korumburra. Diameter 3 3/8''; Spool 3/4''; material Aluminium alloy. Direct drive Brass crank, permanent check. Brass saddle [foot]; horn knob.

The Silver King Fly Fishing Reel Maker Jack Crouch, Melbourne, Australia -c.1935. By Bernie Ladd, 2/8/2014.

During November 2013, an ARCA member personally communicated to the Museum at Dunolly Victoria, the need to identify a specific CROUCH stamped reel, which he had found among those that the Museum held. The damaged reel had been recovered from discarded items by J T Crouch & Sons Pty Ltd factory, after its closure in 1968. ARCA subsequently sought advice from me in identifying the reel. After research and examination of the available historical data, my immediate impression was confirmed that indeed among the reels displayed at the Dunolly Museum, is an extremely rare Crouch Reel designed and manufactured, possibly as a proto-type that became the production model branded ''The Silver King Reel". On behalf of ARCA my conclusions were further validated by Jack Crouch Jr himself, who has firmly ascertained the reel's origin by announcing decisively that: "My father (Jack Crouch Senior) made these reels." Research shows that The Silver King Reel was exclusively made for J. M. Gillies Pty Ltd, College Cres, Carlton, Victoria, and is now confirmed by Jack Crouch Jr. We at ARCA are proud to maintain the efficacy of our appraisal of the authenticity of collectible reels, to preserve their historical context in which they were manufactured and utilised.

CROUCH prototype vintage Fly Fishing reel
CROUCH prototype vintage Fly Fishing reel. Extremely rare
CROUCH prototype vintage Fly Fishing reel

Above the Crouch prototype that became the production model stamped The Silver King Reel, made for J.M.Gillies .-c. early 1930s Extremely rare. Courtesy Dunolly Museum Vic.

SILVER KING Vintage Fly Fishing reel made in Australia
SILVER KING Vintage Fly Fishing reel
SILVER KING Vintage Fly Fishing reel
SILVER KING Vintage Fly Fishing reel

Silver King Fly Reel. Designed and made by Jack Crouch. Aluminium alloy body, revolving drum; perforated spool face; ebonite handle knob; counterbalanced brass spool release catch; variable check; metal guide with agate insert; dia 3 3/8; drum width 3/4''; Matte paint finish; weight 6 1/2oz The Silver King J M Gillies Carlton Vic, stamped on back.-c.1935. Rare.

SILVER KING Vintage Fly Fishing reel Inscription
SILVER KING Vintage Fly Fishing reel Inscription

The Silver King Reel Inscription.

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