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reeLpedia ®  by Bernard, Bernie Ladd, 25/3/2012.

Game Fishing Reels made in Australia, Reelman's Rare Reels  PAGE 18.

courtesy John Johansson Vic.

The Emperor Big Game Fishing reel -Era1920s Only Known Example. Not previously shown. Designed & made by Nick Kross , Brisbane Australia. Back dia, 6''; width 5 3/4''; spool 2 1/4'' - material,turned Aluminium alloy. Single [drive] action. Brass foot-saddle; star drag wheel,Crank & Check . Ball bearings; optional check;Anti-reverse,[wood] knobs. Extremely Rare.

Seaspray Big Game Reel - Circa 1940.

History: This is an extremely rare, high quality Australian made Game Reel; notably to this day, after an extensive research, we still have not been able to properly identify its maker. Interestingly, in September 2013 when interviewed Jack Crouch Jr, who thoroughly inspected the reel. Jack commented: "I don't think this Seaspray was made by my father (Jack Crouch Sr), because he never did Game fishing'''. Enquiries are still continuing.

Specifications: Machined (lathe) aviation grade aluminium alloy; diam 6''; turned drum width 1 15/16 ''; bronze bearings; multiplying action ratio 2 1/2 : 1; TAYLOR style anti-reverse, free spool levers &optional check; milled brass claw drag wheel; solid brass milled saddle; wood handle knobs;brass screws & nuts; and threaded knurled edge CROUCH style removable side plate. Note a 7 inch diameter Seaspray was also produced.

Yallourn Vic, SEC Big Game Reel.

Era 1950s Aluminium alloy, turned body; spool ; saddle & crank. Diameter 5''; width 5 7/16'' ; Spool 4 5/8'' Multiplying action; Ratio 2 : 1; fixed Anti reverse Aviation grade ball bearings. S/S counter weight unique rear back drag spool disc control. Rare.

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