Seamartin Vintage Fishing Reels, Workshop designs, Information by Bernard (Bernie) Ladd, 2011.

John Bourke made Seamartin style vintage fishing reel

RA 1

Maker John Bourke, Lakes Entrance Vic. Latrobe valley work shop reel. Spool Teflon, Back plate, Side plate - Linen impregnated Teflon ; Housing alloy Ball bearing Main shaft & crank gear shaft. Hardened steel gearing., Cast Bronze T foot Courtesy, a kind gift from John Bourke.

Cliff Martin proto type.

SEAMARTIN pro-type reel by Cliff Martin, Lakes Entrance Vic - Extremely rare

RA 2

Cliff Martin proto type surf reel -C 1955. Below,one of several prototype reels designed and made by Cliff, before his Unique Cedar patent design. Courtesy Patrick Harrison, Lakes Entrance, Vic.

Vintage Seamartin style fishing reel made by Guss Suffmayer - Australia

RA 3

Seamartin type, maker Guss Suffmayer, engineer.Spool- drum turned Linen bakelite; flat S/S oscillating line retrieve; s/s crank; turned aluminium alloy gear Housing & cover plate; caliper Drag control; Nickel bronze T foot.

SEC worshop made Seamartin style fishing reel

RA 4


Laurie Fabris, Vic.

Latrobe Valley [SEC] Seamartin Work shop type - Era late 60's. Sinted Bronze bush Bearings. Hardened metal gearing;S/S main shaft. East Gippsland Grey Box wood,spool-drum; 316 grade S/S crank; Triple Disk drag, Cast Aluminium foot; S/S hook line retrieve. Aluminium alloy housing -Black type finish.

CourtesyLaurie Fabris, Vic.

RA 5

Latrobe Valley, sec, Vic. Seamartin type - Era 70's. Teflon body & back plate. Ventilated Aluminium spool Cast Aluminium foot. s/s crank Manganese Bronze Bearing's.

Courtesy John Johansson, Vic.

RA 6

Seamartin type fishing reel.Found in Lakes entrance, Vic, late 1970.Completely made from recycled material.

Vintage SEAMARTIN vintage wooden fishing reel - in Mint condition - Never fished!

Model 3 Cedar Seamartin

RA 7

Mint Never Fished example of the famous Cedar Seamartin Surf reel. Patented design 1960, by Cliff Martin. Lakes Entrance, Vic -C late 1950s.

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