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ReeLpedia, Australian Collectable Antique Vintage Fishing Reel, Historical Reference And Information. Nine images of extremely Rare thread line spinning reels featuring the Reflex, Rod Kraft, and Illingworth No. 3 copy, ReeLpedia ® by Bernard (Bernie) Ladd 2009, reeLman's rare reels page  70.

Reflex vintage fishing reel
Reflex threadline spinning reel. Produced byClive Staples Melbourne,Vic.

Reflex thread line spinning reel.

Maker Clive Staples Melbourne, Vic. Aluminium alloy body, Rotor & spool. hi-tensile gearing - ratio 3 : 1. Nickel plated brass crank, knob & Drag. Manual line pick up. circa 1934 Extremely Rare*

Reflex vintage fishing reel made in Australia
 Rod Kraft, vintage fishing reel made in Australia.
 Rod Kraft vintage reel with box; spare spool.

Rod Kraft Mk1 thread line s/r -c.1930s.

Made in Melbourne, Vic. maker unknown. Aluminium alloy body, black paint finish; Chromed Brass foot & saddle; alloy spool & Nickel silver spool rim - face; Brass crank arm [ painted black] Handle knob Bakelite. Brass gear-revolving face; gear ratio 3:1. Extremely Rare*

Rodkraft vintage fishing reel made in Australia
Illingworth No 3 vintage spinning reel Copy -early 1900s
Vintage fishing reel Illingworth No 3 Copy -era early 1900s

Illingworth No 3 Copy -era early 1900s.

Made in Melbourne, Vic, maker unknown. Engineered copy of the Illingworth No 3 thread line spinning reel. All brass body; Rotor & crank arm.Bakelite handle knob; Aluminium alloy spool; Brass Drag dial; Gear ratio 3 : 1; Brass auto bail arm action. Extremely Rare*

Illingworth No 3, vintage fishing reel.  Circa  early 1900s

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