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ReeLpedia, Australian Collectable Antique Vintage Fishing Reel, Historical Reference And Information. Nine images of extremely Rare threadline spinning reels covering the Reflex, Rod kraft and Illingworth No. 3 copy, ReeLpedia ® by Bernard (Bernie) Ladd 2009, reeLman's rare reels page  70.

Reflex vintage fishing reel

Reflex threadline spinning reel.

Maker Clive Staples Melbourne,Vic. Aluminium alloy body, Rotor & spool. hi tensile gearing - ratio 3 : 1. Nickel plated brass crank, knob & Drag . Manual line pick up. circa 1934 Extremely Rare*

Reflex vintage fishing reel made in Australia
 Rod Kraft, vintage fishing reel made in Australia.
 Rod Kraft vintage reel with box; spare spool.

Rod Kraft Mk1 threadline s/r -c.1930s.

Made in Melbourne, Vic. maker un-known. Aluminium alloy body, black paint finish; Chromed Brass foot & saddle;alloy spool & Nickel silver spool rim - face; Brass crank arm [ painted black] Handle knob Bakelite. Brass gear-revolving face; gear ratio 3:1. Extremely Rare*

Rodkraft vintage fishing reel made in Australia
Illingworth No 3 Copy -era early 1900s
Vintage fishing reel Illingworth No 3 Copy -era early 1900s

Illingworth No 3 Copy -era early 1900s.

Made in Melbourne, Vic, maker un- known. Engineered copy of the illingworth No 3 thread line spinning reel. All brass body; Rotor & crank arm.Bakelite handle knob; Aluminium alloy spool; Brass Drag dial; Gear ratio 3 : 1; Brass auto bail arm action. Extremely Rare*

Illingworth No 3, vintage fishing reel  -era early 1900s

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