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MB Wragg & Co, was formed in 1883 by John Davey Wragg, who named the company in honor of his wife Margaret Bennet Wragg. John D. Wragg was initially an agent for the British tackle maker, S. Alcock & Co. A 1929 advertising cover suggests that manufacturing of the ALPHA fishing tackle begun as early as 1929 rather than 1931, as suggested in various established sources. MB Wragg & Co, already a dominant manufacturer of Bakelite Nottingham & Side Cast reels, commenced its production of die cast metal bodied thread line fishing reels in the 1950s. The initial ALPHA threadlines with 3 OMEGA models were followed by the CRESTA 400, and then in the early 1960s, by ALPHA 404 and 408, and still later by ALPHA 414 and 416.


In the late 1960s MB Wragg & Co. also produced a generic brand reel called the FLEXON, an ambidextrous spinning- casting threadline reel made exclusively for Coles Pty Ltd. Alpha brand rapidly grew in popularity, and the company established export markets in Canada, South Africa and New Zealand. The production of reels ended in mid-1970s. Compiled, Ladd B,. 3/4/20 2013.


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Alpha Omega first modle threadline spinning reel. Die cast metal body; aluminium gear cover plate embossed OMEGA, silver hammer tone paint finish; skirted bakelite spool, stainless steel rotor; nickle plated steel internal auto bail pick up; bakelite drag knob -c. 1957

S/S rotor

skirted bakelite spool


Alpha Omega, Blue hammer tone paint finish. -c.1957.

* Alpha fishing reels with original boxes are rare.*

Skirted bakelite spool.

S/S rotor

External bail trip

Die cast metal body Aluminium gear cover plate

Rotor & body die cast metal

S/S bail arm; bail plate;line guide, roller-type

Bakelite spool

optional check anti reverse lever


Tapered bakelite handel knob

S/S crank

 Second Omega model -c. 1958

vintage alpha threadline reel.

Bakelitespool &drag knob


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Removable curved T foot

optional check anti reverse lever

Fixed line guide

S/S full bail arm

S/S crank

Alpha CRESTA -c.1959. Plastic rotor & body; S/S full bail; S/S crank; Teflon main gear, brass pinion gear.

Die cast body

Teflon rotor

optional check anti r reverse lever


Alpha model 404 -c. 1960. Machine cut brass gears; S/S full bail; S/S crank; bakelite drag knob; tapered bakelte handel knob; Ambidextrous option. Silver paint finish.

optional check anti reverse lever

Plastic T handel knob

L/R hand operation


Alpha model 414 -c. 1962. Die cast main gear, brass pinion gear, Die cast crank,adjustable for storage, silver paint finish.

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L/R hand operation

Die cast body & rotor

S/S crank

optional check anti reverse lever

Alpha model 408 -c.1960.Machine cut gears; S/S bail arm,bail plate; line guide roller type, Green finish; Bakelite drag knob & handel knob.

Dark grey paint finish

Tapered bakelite knob


L/R handoperation

Alpha model 416 -c. 1963. Die cast main gear, brass pinion gear; Die cast crank; S/S bail, bail plate, line guide roller.

Third Omega Model -c.1959.

Rare Alpha fishing reels.


Alpha FLEXON -c.1963 made in Australia by M. B. Wragg, exclusively for Coles stores. Specifications same as 414 & 416 models.

ALPHA Australia, were the largest producer of threadline spinning reels.

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