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HANDSTROM vintage collectable game fishing reel, page 68.

Australian Vintage Workshop Game Fishing Reel Reference Information, ReeLpedia ® by Bernie Ladd,13/5/2017.

Picture of Max Handshin engineer,  was employed at GMH  where he made the Handstrom Game Fishing reel.

Max Handshin engineer,

was employed at GMH

where he became

Cheif Engineer.

HANDSTROM SUPER SPORT SEEKER 57. The Handstrom multiplying 7-inch game reel was designed and made by a Melbourne engineer Max Handshin, at his Beaumaris home workshop in 1957. Handshin's keen fishing interest compelled him to design and produce his multiplying game reel, which he named “Handstrom Super” Sport Seeker 57. Anecdotally he produced only three Handstrom Super Sport game reels, and to date, only one is known to be in existence. Specifications: Linen bakelite end-plate diameter 7"; Frame width 8.6"’’; Multiplying action; Weight of reel: 5 kgs.

Brass Single Action Workshop Game Fishing Reel made in the 1920s-1930s. Possibly manufactured at the Bendigo ordinance factory. Specifications include the following: Brass end-plate diameter 7''; Width of reel 4"; Reel bolt mounted on wooden rod butt.

Wooden and Brass Workshop Sidecast Reel -c 1920s.Made in Tasmania, maker name unknown. Specifications: Wooden drum-spool width 4.5cm; Brassback diameter 8.5cm; Single crank handle mounted on the back plate.

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