Australian Collectable Antique Vintage Fishing Reels, Historical Information & Reference, by Bernard (Bernie) Ladd, 10/9/2009.

A selection of three extremely rare old threadline spinning reels, Vanguard Duck's foot, Apoid & Plum fishing reels.

Vanguard " Duck's foot " spinning reel -C 1937 Maker Clive Staples for Alcock & Pierce, Melb,Vic. Cast Aluminium alloy body, Aluminium spool. Nickel plated brass handle knob; crank arm; Drag control & shaft housing. Half bail arm action; Bronze gearing; Ratio 3 : 1. Original box, user guide & spare spool. Extremely Rare.

VANGUARD Duck's foot Thread-line Spinning reel.

Vanguard original box.

 APOID reel with original box.

Apoid threadline spinning reel -C 1930.

Maker Clive Staples for Alcock & Pierce, Melb, Vic. Aluminium alloy body, rotor & spool - Auto pick up. Brass Crown gear-cover; stem-saddle; Crank - knob. Extremely Rare.

Alcock & Pierce ''APOID" brand.

PLUM reel with original box.

Plum threadline spinning reel -C 1920.

Maker Clive Staples for Alcock & Pierce, Melb, Vic. Cast Aluminium body, Rotor & Crank arm. Bakelite handle knob & spool - Brass drag control. The letters PLUM stamped in an oval circle on both sides of reel & rotor back plate. Extremely Rare.

PLUM brand.

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