Australian CollectableVintage Fishing Reel, History Reference by Bernard (Bernie) Ladd 7/8/2009. Workshop fishing reels, manufactured by sagacious engineering technicians, are vigorously pursued by collectors .

Bendigo Vic, Ordnance factory workshop thread line spinning reel -c 1940. All brass body, spool & drag knob; Horn handle knob. Bronze bearing bushes ; Ball bearing rotor. High tensile gears; half bail arm ; brass ambidextrous crank. Unique floating lever cam spool level line operation. Highly engineered -  possibly the first Australian factory made thread line spinning reel. - Very Rare.

BOURKE vintage Game fishing reel made in Australia by John Bourke, Picture
BOURKE vintage Game fishing reel made in Australia

John Bourke, retired Tool Maker and a well known fishing guru from Lakes Entrance, Victoria. Presenting here his Bourke  Aluminium Alloy Game reel. Only 6  J. W. BOURKE game reels made.

The J.W. Bourke designed & made Latrobe Valley Multiplying Game reel -c 1973. Machined from solid aluminium alloy bar. Side plate Diameter 5''; Spool width 3'' over all side plates frame width 4 1/2''. Multiple aviation grade ball bearing main shaft Needle roller bearing crank spindle; Dual drag disc's - Lever cam drag system ; 2:1 ratio. - Extremely Rare

BOURKE vintage Game fishing reel made in Australia

Above, Lever drag configuration of the J W Bourke, Game  fishing reel.

Bendigo Vic, ordnance factory workshop reel. Engineered look alike of the Crouch reel -Era 1940s. Machined from Aluminium bar; hi tensile gearing; adjustable clutch; free spool control; solid brass machined saddle seat. Very Rare.

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