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Mako Game Fishing Reel, Made in Australia. ReeLpedia®  by Bernard (Bernie) Ladd, Melbourne Australia.

The MAKO Big Game Reel manufactured in Australia, is correctly and clearly described In Mick Simmons Anglers Guide 1937, page 38, as Constructed of a Special Type Aluminium alloy of great tensile strength.

MAKO vintage Game Fishing reel made in Australia
MAKO vintage Game fishing reel made in Australia
MAKO vintage Game fishing reel Star Drag Wheel
MAKO vintage Game fishing reel made in Australia - Rare
MAKO rare vintage Game fishing reel made in Australia
MAKO vintage game fishing reel made in Australia. Rare
MAKO vintage Game fishing reel made in Australia Advertisement

Above, is a collection of seven captivating images showcasing the iconic 6 1/2'' Diameter Direct Wind MAKO Big Game fishing reel, crafted in Australia during the 1930s. Notably, in image 7, you'll find a historical gem—a page from Mick Simmons' catalogue, boldly proclaiming, "This reel is constructed of a new special type aluminum alloy of great tensile strength ". Dive into the rich history and craftsmanship of this remarkable fishing reel. by Bernie Ladd, 2009. >< )))) ( * > 

More official factory specification details:

This reel is constructed of a new special type aluminum alloy of great tensile strength and comprises the following features: -
1.  Specially designed star hand wheel controls the drag action of the clutch.
2. Shrouded projection at back of hand wheel protects ball thrust race which is embodied in the one-piece handle bar housing the anti-back lash mechanism.
3. Construction of handles ensures against seizure.
4. The clutch, of single plate design, is driven to a free spool drum run on a twin set of high-grade ball races, which will not seize.
5. The spindle which carries the ball races is of high-grade bronze construction and is fitted into a heavy convex back, held in position by a hexagon nut.
6. Reel is easily taken apart for the purpose of greasing and oiling.

Welcome to this segment on reeLpedia® Page 24, featuring Australian-published collectible books, booklets, and catalogues covering fishing history, stories, techniques, and technical information on fishing reels and related angling items.

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4-Anglers Guide to Tasmania Vintage fishing booklet
3-Trout  fishing in Tasmania Vintage fishing booklet
2-Nymph fishing Vintage fishing booklet
5-Waterfall Farm Fly Fishers' Club Vintage fishing booklet
4-Rare Trout Fishing on the Goodradigbee River fishing book
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1-The Shannon Rise vintage fishing booklet
3-Trout Fishing on the Goodradigbee vintage fishing book
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1-'Rise' Trout Perch & Salmon Flies vintage fishing booklet
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In this reeLpedia® segment, you'll discover a curated collection of images showcasing various catalogs that cover fishing reels and associated memorabilia. These catalogs were meticulously crafted by both retail and wholesale companies, some of which were based in Victoria and other states of Australia. These booklets hold a significant place in fishing history, often deemed rare and highly collectible, offering valuable insights to historians and collectors of fishing memorabilia. (Ladd. B. 16/9/2023)

1-Rare W. P. Thompson Fishing Tackle Guide 1936 - 37
1-Rare Fisherman's Guide Anthony Hordern Sydney Booklet
1- Smiths Sports Store Catalogue booklet
1-Smith's Sport's Store Fishing Catalogue circa 1960
1-Cowles & Dunn Fishing Tackle Guide booklet 1936
1-Rare Sydney Fishing Tackle Supply booklet
1-Rare Booklet Evans & Balfour fishing catalogue 1934.
1-Rare  Evans & Balfour fishing tackle booklet
1-Rare Hartleys Angling Guide published 1929
2-Fishing Guide  Hartleys Melbourne 1930-31
1-Hartleys Fishing Catalogue 1932 - 33
1-Angling Catalogue Hartleys Sports Stores season 1937
1-Hartleys 1936 Fishing catalogue
2-Angling Catalogue Hartleys Season 1938-39
1-Hartleys Fishing Equipment booklet 1951-2
1-HARTLEYS Hard Cover Fishing booklets
1-Fishing Tackle Booklet by Cowles & Dunn Sydney circa 1940
2-Rare Fishing Tackle Booklet by Sil Rohu Sydney, published  1934
1-Booklet Sil Rohu Fishing Tackle Catalogue circa 1937
1-Anglers Fishing Tackle Guide by Craig & Aitken published around 1940s
3-Hartleys Fishing Catalogue 1949-50
1-Vintage Fishing Tackle Booklet 1950s
1-Rare  BOANS Fishing Guide circa 1930
1-Fishing Tackle Guide  pick of the world
1-Reg A Baker 1954 Fishing Guide
01- Reg A Baker Fishing Tackle Caalogue 1956
1-Smith's Sports Store Fishing Tackle Catalogue
1-M S D Fishing Catalogue
1-M S D Fishing Catalogue No. 105
1-M S D Fishing Catalogue No. 100
01-M S D Fishing Catalogue No. 103
1-M. S. D. Fishing Catalogue  No. 107
1-Melbourne Sports Depot Fishing Catalogue 1963 - 64
1-SURE CATCH  Angler's Guide 1938
1-Mick Simmons Fishing Catalogue 1954-55
1-Mick Simmons Fishing Catalogue 1960-61
1-Mick Simmons Surecatch Fisherman's Guide 1965-6
1-Mick Simmons Surecatch Fisherman's Guide 1967-8
1-Mick Simmons Sure Catch Fisherman's Guide 1961-63
1-Sure Catch Mick Simmons Fishing Catalogue 1959 - 60
1-Fishing Tackle Season 1959-60 Michaelis, Hallenstein & Co.
1-Australian Fishing & Hunting Guide No. 1
2-Australian FISHING and HUNTING Guide published 1954
1-Australian Boating & Fishing Guide 11th edition
1-JARKE Pty. Ltd. Tackle Specialists Booklet Season 1961-2
2-Michaelis, Hallenstein & Co. Fishing Tackle Guide 1965-66
4-Rare Alcock & Pierce Fishing Tackle Catalogue Season 1934 - 35
2-ALPHA Fishing Tackle Price Guide September 1977
1- ALPHA Fishing Tackle Price Guide No. 78
3-ALPHA FISHING TACKLE Price Guide Catalogue 1974
01- How To Catch Blackfish booklet
1-Anglers' Omnibus First Edition vintage fishing booklet
3-FISHING on the BARRIER REEF and INSHORE vintage fishing booklet
1-Anglers' Omnibus Fishing Booklet Third Edition
1-Fishing Tackle Price List 1962-63. J. M. Gillies Pty. Ltd.
2-Rare Vintage Anglers' Record Booklet published 1947
1-Australian Anglers' Record vintage Booklet February1947
1-Vintage Book Better Fishing June 1945
1-The  Anglers Art Tackle Service 1979 Fishing Catalogue
1-Rare Vinage Out Doors and Fishing Magazine  First Issue 1948.
1-How To Fish With Lures collectable fishing booklet
4-Sand Gropers Guide To Better Fishing vintage booklet
11-Better Fishing in Australia  Booklet Inaugural issue
Vintage 1954 Fishing and Sporting Booklet SMITH'S SPORTS STORE
Fishing Guide Book circa 1930s

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