HEDSON, Antique Vintage Fishing Reels History & Reference Information. HEDSON by Bernard (Bernie) Ladd, 2013.

HEDSON Vintage Multiplying Revolving drum fishing reel information.

The HEDSON Revolving Drum Multiplier is a look a like of the Unique Taylor fishing reel, the first Australian revolving drum multiplier reel designed and made in Sydney in the mid 1930s by R.R. Taylor Repetition Engineers Pty. Ltd. The maker of the Hedson (c.1949) is not known, but it is clear that the maker took advantage of the fact that the Unique Taylor design was not patent protected.

Only a limited number of HEDSON reels were produced. These included: (H2) Model No.100, Hedson Super Cast with the plastic revolving drum with Hedson name moulded in the spool; (H1) Hedson All Purpose model; (H4) Hedson Deluxe version with the body, spool and gearing cover, machined from Aluminum alloy Bar Stock; (H3) Hedson Standard with aluminum alloy body and spool and (H5) Hedson anodised silver aluminium alloy model. HEDSON fishing reels were produced with two different main spindle bearing options, ball bearing or sleeve (bush) bearings. The multiplying models came with machine cut gears; check lever; non-go back lever-prevent crank handle reversing; free spool lever for casting with automatic re-engagement of gears upon crank movement. According to Craig Aitken, Fishing Tackle Guide, 1949, a non-multiplier HEDSON, Model No.101 was produced, with direct-wind, un-geared version with check only.


Knobs bakelite


Combined line guide & adjustable anti-back lash spool brake


Ex Rare

HEDSON All Purpose. Aluminium alloy back dia,4 9/16"; drum width 1"; spool face dia,4 9/16"; pressed alloy gear cover anodised brown. -c 1949. Rare.

HEDSON Super Cast. Machined Aluminium alloy. body; back dia, 4 9/16"; plastic drum width 1 1/4"; pressed alloy gear cover anodised brown. Combined line guide & adjustable anti-back lash spool brake. -c 1949. Ex Rare

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H 3


HEDSON standard. Machined from Aluminium alloy; back dia,4 5/8";drum width 7/8 "; spool face dia, 4 1/2"; v plate anti reverse; v plate optional check; triangle lever free spool option -c.1940. Rare.



HEDSON anodised silver aluminium alloy model. Brass fittings nickel plated; bakelite handle knobs (all models) back dia 4 5/8''; drum width 1 1/2"; anti reverse lever; optional check lever; triangle lever free spool option. -c 1940. Rare.

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H 5

Extremely Rare


HEDSON de-luxe. Machined from aviation grade Aluminium alloy bar stock. Back dia,4 9/16";spool width 1 1/8"; spool facedia, 4 3/16", star drag wheel; reel seat;crank arm, & other fittings, nickel plated brass; 2 levers same as H5; T lever, free spool option. -c. 1940.Extremely Rare.

Extremely Rare HEDSON de-luxe.


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