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Seamartin value: eBay official statistic. A mint never fished vintage SEAMARTIN Australian Cedar wood surf casting fishing reel, realised $3,650.00. on 4/01/2010. A world record price, eBay seller id: reelman* Melbourne, Australia.

The world-famous wooden Seamartin surf casting fishing reel was created, designed, and made by the well-known inventor Clifford (Cliff) Martin from Lakes Entrance, Victoria, Australia. The reel is truly highly sought after and regarded as the most desirable collectible fishing reel ever invented and manufactured in Australia. It is estimated that around 1000 Seamartin reels were manufactured. Seamartin is described in Bob Dunn’s AFR book as "being in the top 10 of the most collectible wooden surf reels in the world."

Cliff Martin studied fitting and turning at his local Secondary Technical School. After completing his technical schooling, Cliff started his career in the East Gippsland logging industry. During the 1950s, Cliff, an avid surf fisherman, experimented and created his innovative Seamartin design. A complete specification patent application was lodged on February 12th, 1959, and published on August 4th, 1960. The patent specification was finally accepted on December 24th, 1962. Several model types were produced mainly by order during the period from the late 1950s up to the early 1970s. Cliff handcrafted his models mainly from Australian Red Cedar. On occasion, he used other types of wood, which are extremely rare! Additionally, a heavy-duty model that Cliff designed specifically for Gummy Shark (Mustelus Antarcticus) fishing, such as off the Ninety-Mile Beach, Eastern Gippsland, was produced in very low numbers and consequently is extremely difficult to find.

The known designs of Seamartin models, comprising different material types and technical specifications, are presented for interested fishing enthusiasts on page 10 of the Reelpedia® website. This wooden Seamartin reference, developed over many years, offers the most advanced, technically accurate, evidence-based information reference regarding the existing vintage fishing Seamartin reels. This reference information is a monumental visual and written archive of historical data that has ever been published. Tight lines! >< )))) ( * > Bernard (Bernie) Ladd, 2010.

Seamartin wood and metal vintage fishing reel

This SEAMARTIN wood surf casting fishing reel sold for a record price of $3,650.00 in 2010. The highly collectable wooden SEAMARTIN without doubt, remains to be the most sought-after Australian-made reel. Created, designed, and made by famous identity, Clifford (Cliff) Martin, from Lakes Entrance, Victoria, Australia.

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