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Old Fishing reels, Australian Vintage Fishing reels, PILOT sidecast reel page 59.

P D J, Pilot, Vim, Wallace, sidecast reel Information & reference, reeLpedia ® by Bernie Ladd, 2009.

Courtesy John Johansson

P.D.J. Wood and nickel plated cast brass sidecast reel. Size 4 1/2''.Maker unknown. Origin Australia -c.1930s. Metal backed wooden spool-drum; optional check; ferguson style turntable; removable forked line guide; clutch drag; twin handle knobs; P.D.J. logo stamped on spindle cover plate and backplate; PDJ.3956 stamped on turntable base. ( Dunn, 1995, AFR Sup. No 2; p 13.)

PILOT Australian silky oak wood and brass sidecast reel. Maker Charles Alvey, St Lucia QLD -c.1920s. Original lip edge spool-drum width 2 1/4'', back diameter 4 1/2'' (imperial measurements were used by ALVEY not metric) cast brass Dyne high neck V slot turntable, removable forked line guide configuration; optional check; (a non optional check model was also produced, specfications same as the optional check model, see image 6).

VIM Australian silky oak wood and brass sidecast reel. Maker unknown, origin Australia -c. 1930s.Cast brass back diameter 3 3/4'', spool-drum width1 3/4''; cast brass Gem pivot turntable; optional check; wooden handle knobs; VIM stamped on backplate; (4 1/4 inch model was also produced)

Courtesy Les Collins


WALLACE Wood and brass (nickel plated) sidecast reel. Maker James Wallace, Brisbane QLD -c 1930s, Wallace patent 1929. Cast brass back diameter 4 3/16'' wood spool-drum width 2 1/2''; stamped J.C.W on turntable support foot (neck) optional check; Wedgelock turntable simlar to that found on the Alvey wedgelock sidecast reel.

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