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Old Fishing reels, Australian Vintage Fishing reels, PILOT sidecast reel page 59.

P D J, Pilot, Vim, Wallace, sidecast reel Information & reference, reeLpedia ® by Bernie Ladd, 2009.

Courtesy John Johansson

P.D.J. Wood and nickel plated cast brass sidecast reel. Size 4 1/2''.Maker unknown. Origin Australia -c.1930s. Metal-backed wooden spool-drum; optional check; Ferguson style turntable; removable forked line guide; clutch drag; twin handle knobs; P.D.J. logo stamped on spindle cover plate and backplate; PDJ.3956 stamped on turntable base. ( Dunn, 1995, AFR Sup. No 2; p 13.)

PILOT Australian silky oak wood and brass side cast reel. Maker Charles Alvey, St Lucia QLD -c.1920s. Original lip edge spool-drum width 2 1/4'', back diameter 4 1/2'' (imperial measurements were used by ALVEY not metric) cast brass Dyne high neck V slot turntable, removable forked line guide configuration; optional check; (a non optional check model was also produced, specifications same as the optional check model, see image 6).

VIM Australian silky oak wood and brass side cast reel. Maker unknown, origin Australia -c. 1930s.Cast brass back diameter 3 3/4'', spool-drum width1 3/4''; cast brass Gem pivot turntable; optional check; wooden handle knobs; VIM stamped on backplate; (4 1/4 inch model was also produced)

Courtesy Les Collins


WALLACE Wood and brass (nickel plated) sidecast reel. Maker James Wallace, Brisbane QLD -c 1930s, Wallace patent 1929. Cast brass back diameter 4 3/16'' wood spool-drum width 2 1/2''; stamped J.C.W on the turntable support foot (neck) optional check; Wedgelock turntable similar to that found on the Alvey wedgelock side cast reel.

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