Steelite Rare Bakelite Nottingham, Sidecast, Fly, Ball Bearing, Centre Pin Fishing Reels by Bernie Ladd, 6/10/2014.

Stewart & Allwood Pty. Ltd. in Sydney, under the Steelite brand produced a variety of reels, which included bakelite Nottingham, Sidecast, metal and bakelite Fly reels.The first known addin 1934, was for the bakelite Nottingham type Steelite reel, which was registered on 29 April 1931. Important to mention, most of the metal parts were made by R. R. Taylor & Co. based in Sydney as well. The early Steelite metal parts were either brass or bronze and nickel plated. During the 1950s nickel plating was superseded by chrome plating on the majority of parts.


Steelite reels were in direct competition with Alvey and some of the Alvey designs were indeed "borrowed" by Steelite. Stewart & Allwood continued producing their reels well in to the 1960s, but eventually they were not able to compete with the famous Alvey, which today remains Australia's largest fishing reel manufacturing company.


Below are some of the Steelite range, that we believe are rather rare "key models" in comparison to the many different common Steelite fishing reel models.

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Ball bearing fishing reels.

Vintage steelite sidecast reels.

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