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williams fishing reel

Williams first model stamped number 1.

Rare Clasmi fishing reel

Stamped  1

Fred Williams’ Revolving Drum Multiplying Aluminium Alloy Fishing Reel. Circa early 1950.

During the 1950s, Fred Williams fished at the Tambo River, Nicholson River, and other tributaries to the Gippsland Lakes, near the picturesque seaside township of Lakes Entrance, Victoria. This part of East Gippsland is a well-known fishing location for Bream; and it is this particular fishing experience that had prompted Williams, a qualified engineer, to design an improved version of a Crouch-type reel. About 100 reels were produced from Williams’ fully equipped engineering workshop at the back of his house in Oakleigh. Williams generously gave most of these away to his fishing friends.

The first Williams reel, machined from aluminium alloy bar-stock, had the figure 1 stamped on the inside of its threaded side-plate. The Aluminium alloy body was painted in a gray-green type colour. In the mid 1950s the ' williams ' reel was changed, stamped with the prefix ''A'' followed by a specifying number; produced in two colours flat black or grey. Sometime during the late 1950s and early 1960s, Fred Williams again changed the prefix to ''FW'' followed by a numerical specification, finished in a grey paint type.

Williams, A series - Era mid 1950. Plain threaded side plate, flat black paint finish.


Above, Williams reel - era 1950's.First model No I Aluminium alloy body,Grey green colour finish.

Specifications of the Williams fishing reel.

Frame back diameter 3 3/8'', frame width 1 1/2',' threaded plate diameter 3 7/16''. Aluminium alloy barred spool 15/16''.Brass nickel plated crank,plastic knob, brass nickel plated saddle (rod mount) gear ratio 2:1; bronze bearing bush's; hardened steel gears & pawl. Spool finger control aperture, free spool lever. Triple pronged spring steel brake ajustment, mounted on a mild steel circular plate. All models stamped on the inside back and removable threaded plate.

Williams A series

stamped A 21

Fred Williams multiplying fly reel, F W series.


Bernie Ladd, Melbourne, Australia vintage reels

FW series stamped FW 24 reelmanAustralia.com

WILLIAMS FISHING REEL FW series stamped F W 24.

Above, FW series Era 60's Plain face, grey paint finish.

FW series stamped FW 24.

Fred Williams with a catch of Bream from the river Tambo, East Gippsland in the 1950s, with his WILLIAMS reel.

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